At ACLIRES, strict adherence to quality is vital and very important to us.
We accomplish the provision of quality services by understanding and improving our operational processes through the identification of challenges and issues and managing via performance measurement across all aspects of our business.
We routinely seek input, both formally and informally, from our clients on their level of satisfaction as we constantly strive to deliver quality services.
In addition, our independent Quality Assurance group manages our robust Quality Management System (QMS), which includes routine audits on internal departments and processes. When performing internal audits our QA group operate entirely independently.
We are also very proud of our record of successful external and client audits and of the quality service that we provide.
Independent quality management systems assures high quality and study performance according to international standards (GCP/ICH).
Our QM department is also responsible for SOP management and the training schedule for all employees.
QM Services:
    • SOP Management
    • Training schedule
    • Audit preparation and follow up
    • Quality surveys
    • Audits
  • Corrective and preventive actions