The founders of ACLIRES International combine more than 75 years of global experience in clinical research and management.
Professor Robert Murphy
Chairman and President of ACLIRES International Ltd.
Professor Robert Murphy is Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering and Director, Center for Global Health at Northwestern University and Visiting Professor at the Harvard School of Public Health. Working with large National Institute of Health projects and global clinical trials, Rob is a recognized opinion leader with extensive experience in international clinical research.
Barry Philpott
CEO of ACLIRES International Ltd.
With a career that has included a number of senior management positions within a leading global CRO and prior to that of a major scientific instruments company, Barry Philpott brings his management experience to ACLIRES. Barry has served as a board member of several life science companies and is currently also Chairman of NCIMB Ltd, a UK microbiology company.
Renate Schirrow
Senior Vice President Operations of ACLIRES International Ltd.
Renate Schirrow has 15 years of experience in managing international clinical research projects  within a large worldwide CRO and has substantial experience in setting up and operating multiple Phase I and II/III clinical research units worldwide.
Dr. Marie Warburg
Vice President of Investor Relations of ACLIRES International Ltd.
A physician by training, Dr. Marie Warburg was for several years the Senior Medical Director of a leading global CRO. She was a fund manager at BB Biotech and at Private Life BioMed AG and is currently a consultant for The Medicines Company.
Nussara Ruangrungthanasarn
General Manager ACLIRES Bangkok Ltd.
Nussara Ruangrungthanasarn earned her Master of Science in International Management in the US from Central Michigan University. She worked for a large pharmaceutical company in business and corporate affairs, including marketing, before joining ACLIRES in 2007.
Dr. Sven-Iver Lorenzen
Liaison Manager International Clients
Dr. Lorenzen earned his academic degree as a molecular biologist at the University of Hamburg and did his PhD research at SDSU San Diego.  He worked as scientist at German, US and Thai universities in the field of immunology and virology. He joined ACLIRES in 2007 having extensive experience in scientific support for international projects and scientific writing.